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Hurricane Sandy

As I’m sure most of you know Hurricane Sandy has been hitting the Northeast pretty hard these past couple of days. I’ll be taking a break from blogging today due to the fact that fashion, cooking,  Halloween costumes, and things of that nature don’t seem very sensible to be discussing when something so disastrous has occurred. With billions of dollars in damages being estimated, The Red Cross is going to need all the donations and help they can get. If you’re interested, you can donate online or  text REDCROSS to 90999. All friends and family in the Northeast: please stay safe!

Have a safe and great Wednesday!

xx, MEB

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Currently Coveting: Winter Wear

1. Allude Crew Neck Chevron Sweater | 2. Excursion Quilted Vest in Herringbone | 3. ONE by Left On Houston Century Sweater | 4. Stadium-Cloth Boulevard Trench in Smoky Coral | 5. SUNO Fisherman Sweater | 6. Free People Hot Tottie Sweater |

I think it is safe to say that this winter I have had my eye on things in the neutral and pink color scheme. I understand the need for black in winter but personally, I’ve never been a “black” girl. Instead I am more of “brown” girl. Does that make sense? I’ve always gravitated towards brown and neutrals more than I have towards black. Now black jeans— that’s a whole different situation. My black jeans and boots are in constant rotation. This past weekend in Dallas the weather FINALLY decided to cool down and I got to bring out my winter wear. It was beyond amazing! I love.love.loveeee winter clothing. Coming from Boston I think it’s just in my blood. I am meant to wear sweaters, jackets and boots. I know, why the heck do I live in Texas then? Aside from my small misplacement, Texas has great winters. They don’t get too cold where you immediately want to relocate come December but every once in a while you get a snowfall and it’s wonderful. A few years ago it snowed feet, yes FEET in Ft. Worth and I was the happiest person.

Anyways, on to the clothes. The Allude sweater I spotted (& fell in love with) in The Shak by Stanley Korshak a few months back and I cannot stop thinking about it. The price was jacked up $100+ in the store so if you really want to buy it, go online. Side note: I have fallen in love with this JCrew tench coat. It is definitely more of  “want” item than a “need” item but it’s beautiful regardless. As far as the JCrew vest, I am not entirely sure what they were thinking when preparing this model but she looks like a gray blob. Usually, JCrew never fails me but I must say they weren’t thinking correctly that day. You can’t see it in the image but online she is wearing grey pants in addition to the grey shirt and grey/black/white vest. Craziness. A better pair with this vest would be a white tee or turtleneck and colored jeans. My mother decided to mix and match with her hot pink corduroys and she looked adorable. And if you know my mother, she tends to always look cute…with her bright colors, of course. Last but certainly not least, my favorite item: SUNO Fisherman Sweater. It is amazing. I want to buy it just so i can crawl up by a fireplace and read a good book. It looks so incredibly comfortable. If you click on the link you’ll see that it has neon accents within the design which i think adds a great touch of color and “spice” -JG- to a basic (yet, still amazing) sweater AND it has pockets. Pockets are the best. Where do you find your favorite winter items? Any Dallas boutiques I am missing out on?!

Sorry that was a lot to read! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

xx, MEB

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Dear Friends…

If the sentimental thing isn’t for you, come back and visit tomorrow! Today is about my dear and wonderful best friends….

Ever since graduation a little piece of my heart has been misplaced. A piece went to Buenos Aires, Argentina and another piece went to Waco, Texas. I know what you’re thinking… Waco, that’s awful right? Sorry Jac, but it is. My two best friends have left me and to be truthful it stinks a ton. These two girls may not have been in my life since I was very young, but I could not have picked a more perfect time for them to enter my life. College was the best four years of my life and I would like to think that these two are a part of the reason it was so amazing. Who am i kidding? I know its the reason. They are the two people I can go to about anything and they just get it. I think the most difficult part of the entire change was that I was used to having them around 24 hours a day, 7 days a  week. It was great! I CANNOT wait until December when my little Argentinian returns to me for a short time. As far as my dear Waco friend, you’ll be seeing a post in the next few weeks once I get a break in my schedule to visit her. J&S, know that I miss you dearly and would do anything to have you two back in DFW with me. I love you always and I am so proud of all the wonderful things you two are accomplishing. Go conquer the world and then we can meet up for a margarita. xoxo

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Tasteful Advice

Tasteful Advice:

1. | Plan a trip somewhere you’ve never been. Its always refreshing to go some place new with someone you care about; friend, family, or significant other.

2. | Learn something new– something non-work related. It’s enjoyable to test your intelligence. Sometimes we get so caught up in work we forget there are millions of things left to learn in the world.

3. | Explore. Go find a place where you can simply wander without care. It can be a new part of town, a new store (this tends to have multiple benefits!), go on a walk and discover somewhere new. You may find something completely unexpected.

4. | Wear something old but new. I am guilty of sticking to my favorite staples in my closet and leaving other things behind. This weekend, grab the blouse, pairs of shoes or jacket you forgot you had and rock it. It’s nice not having to go shopping everytime you want to wear something “new.”

5. |  Don’t forget to celebrate!! Life is about having fun and trying new things with the people you love. Bask in it.

Have a wonderful Friday!

xx, Megan

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Foodgawker Obsession: Banana Nut Bread

Today, as you can tell, I had planned to write about Banana Nut Bread. However, after buying my bananas last week…they are still not brown. Of course this would happen. Next week I’ll go to buy some for everyday use and I’m sure they’ll go brown in four days or less—figures. Below is what I intended on telling all of you concerning my Banana Nut Bread obsession. Go ahead and read but Ill be sure to post my own pics once the bananas turn brown enough and I am able to make my own! Looking forward to my tasty treat!


Lately, I’ve had the urge to bake. You name it, I’ve want to create it: cake balls, traditional but always delicious chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip pumpkin cookies– really anything pumpkin… the list goes on and on. But this week, my desire is solely focused on one thing: BANANA NUT BREAD! I have never made a bread and the boyfriend has reservations on my need to conquer the recipe…. he suggested I taste-test it before he does. How kind. But regardless, banana nut bread it going to be this week’s Foodgawker Obsession.

The recipe look pretty easy to follow (i always love recipes with pictures!) and doesn’t require too many ingredients…I’m on an entry-level income…it doesn’t exactly fulfill a 20-ingrediant recipe. If you ask me, the only thing that should have more than 10-ingredients in one recipe is soup…preferably a dang good tortilla soup if we’re getting technical.

The recipe is from … you guessed it…Foodgawker but originally its from Natasha’s Kitchen! Bon Appetit!

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy….But Really.

As I’ve gotten older it’s not uncommon to find myself worrying. A lot. It’s almost unhealthy. The worst part…. I worry about things that are out of my control. A worry at the top of my list more often than not– the future. Lately, I’ve been finding at myself at a crossroad of what I want to be doing and what I should be doing. In my early twenties I am supposed to be finding myself and becoming the woman I want to be in the future. Pardon my french, but how the hell am I supposed to figure that out? I mean, there is no road map or flashing arrow pointing me in the direction I am supposed to go. Are the decisions that I make today forming my future and I don’t even realize it? I am a firm believer in the fact that “everything happens for a reason.” I can honestly say that everything that has happened in my life, good, bad, and ugly, has made me stronger or smarter and has helped to evolve me into the person I am today. I know worrying isn’t going to help me solve any of the problems or questions I have. Yes, people may say “you worry because you care” which essentially is true but its also bigger than that sometimes. As stated before, I am in my twenties. I shouldn’t be worrying, I should be living! I have the rest of my life to worry; children, finances- not to say I should be frivolous now, and many other things thirty-something(+) people worry about.  Maybe I just need to take a step back and take a deep breath? Whatever is meant to be will find it’s way…right? I hope you’re nodding your head right now. So with whatever the future brings I can only hope that with it comes good times with friends and loved ones, a healthy family, and hopefully many pups. I mean, isn’t that what life is about- the people (& pets) we share it with?

Have a great worry-free Wednesday… unless you’re in that thirty-something(+) range ;)! Enjoy your day!

xx, Megan

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Currently Coveting: Everything Club Monaco

1. Club Monaco Bowie Earring  | 2. Club Monaco Hilda Sweater Dress | 3. Club Monaco Hunter Tee | 4. Club Monaco Harper Stretch Bracelet | 5. Club Monaco Stevie Silk Dress | 6. Club Monaco Superga Linu Shoe

When at NorthPark Mall my go-to stores are always JCrew, Anthropologie, Kate Spade,  and now Club Monaco has been thrown into the mix. Let’s be real, these are only my top four, I window shop… a lot. But lately, I have found myself, and other bloggers, talking about Club Monaco. It reminds me of a “hipper” Loft. Leather is really in this season and if you’re not a huge leather person, like myself, then you’ll be able to find a lot of things to fit your style at CM. The t-shirt and sweater dress with leather accents are great to pair with black jeans/tights and booties/riding boots. The bow earrings are amazing. With more “Currently Coveting” posts in my blogger series I think you’ll come to realize that I sort of have a “thing” for bows. They’re so feminine and classy— except in your hair. Bows should only go in your hair if you’re young enough to be in stroller. Some Texas girls never really got that memo I don’t think. Not to mention, this pair of earrings are only $29.50. That’s a serious steal if you ask me. My favorite item on this list is probably the Stevie Silk Dress. I am a huge fan of long-sleeve dresses. They carry you from the fall season right into winter. They’re a great transitional item AND it is red— a color I could use more of in my closet. Don’t you think it’d be a great addition?!

Have a great Tuesday!

xx, Megan

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Weekend Recap

My weekend in Boston was AMAZING!! I had so much fun with family and friends. Not to mention, the weather was wonderful. Going home to MA always makes coming back to Texas a little bittersweet. Below are a few pics that I took while away! Hope you had a great weekend, as well!!

| @ Woodman’s in Essex, MA- best seafood around |

| Andrew posing in front of the famous sign |

| Doesn’t it look amazing?!- I can assure you, it was! |

| Me by the water @ Woodman’s |

| A wonderful birthday celebration dinner at Sorellina |

| Spent some quality time with my lovely niece, Georgia |

| A few snapshots of the perfect engagement party that my talented mother threw for M&P. It looked truly amazing. Good job Momma!! |

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Happy Friday!

TGIF! I could not be more happy that it is Friday! I am currently in Boston but hope everyone has a great weekend filled with celebration (of any sort!) To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why Olivia Palermo is even famous…aside from her killer style choices. In my opinion she is always someone who looks flawless- one of those girls that could wear a brown paper bag and rock it. Hate her. Anywhooo… I hope to be looking as fabulous as O.P. this weekend in my fall/winter wear. I’ll post pics Monday of my lovely fall-weather travels!

Have a great Friday!

xoxo, Megan