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Currently Coveting: Winter Wear

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1. Allude Crew Neck Chevron Sweater | 2. Excursion Quilted Vest in Herringbone | 3. ONE by Left On Houston Century Sweater | 4. Stadium-Cloth Boulevard Trench in Smoky Coral | 5. SUNO Fisherman Sweater | 6. Free People Hot Tottie Sweater |

I think it is safe to say that this winter I have had my eye on things in the neutral and pink color scheme. I understand the need for black in winter but personally, I’ve never been a “black” girl. Instead I am more of “brown” girl. Does that make sense? I’ve always gravitated towards brown and neutrals more than I have towards black. Now black jeans— that’s a whole different situation. My black jeans and boots are in constant rotation. This past weekend in Dallas the weather FINALLY decided to cool down and I got to bring out my winter wear. It was beyond amazing! I love.love.loveeee winter clothing. Coming from Boston I think it’s just in my blood. I am meant to wear sweaters, jackets and boots. I know, why the heck do I live in Texas then? Aside from my small misplacement, Texas has great winters. They don’t get too cold where you immediately want to relocate come December but every once in a while you get a snowfall and it’s wonderful. A few years ago it snowed feet, yes FEET in Ft. Worth and I was the happiest person.

Anyways, on to the clothes. The Allude sweater I spotted (& fell in love with) in The Shak by Stanley Korshak a few months back and I cannot stop thinking about it. The price was jacked up $100+ in the store so if you really want to buy it, go online. Side note: I have fallen in love with this JCrew tench coat. It is definitely more of  “want” item than a “need” item but it’s beautiful regardless. As far as the JCrew vest, I am not entirely sure what they were thinking when preparing this model but she looks like a gray blob. Usually, JCrew never fails me but I must say they weren’t thinking correctly that day. You can’t see it in the image but online she is wearing grey pants in addition to the grey shirt and grey/black/white vest. Craziness. A better pair with this vest would be a white tee or turtleneck and colored jeans. My mother decided to mix and match with her hot pink corduroys and she looked adorable. And if you know my mother, she tends to always look cute…with her bright colors, of course. Last but certainly not least, my favorite item: SUNO Fisherman Sweater. It is amazing. I want to buy it just so i can crawl up by a fireplace and read a good book. It looks so incredibly comfortable. If you click on the link you’ll see that it has neon accents within the design which i think adds a great touch of color and “spice” -JG- to a basic (yet, still amazing) sweater AND it has pockets. Pockets are the best. Where do you find your favorite winter items? Any Dallas boutiques I am missing out on?!

Sorry that was a lot to read! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

xx, MEB


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