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Weekend Recap

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This weekend was wonderful and the weather was perfect, as well. Friday night the boyfriend and I had a date night at Hibiscus. The food was amazing! We had never been there before so it was great to try somewhere new! Saturday I took Bennett on a morning run (which turned into more of a time to play fetch once he found a random tennis ball). Later, I did some shopping and relaxed with boyfriend&dog. It was an uneventful and perfect weekend in my books.

| this is what the boyfriend ordered; Spit Roasted Porchetta Chip with a nicoise salad, smokey mustard and poached egg |

| a peplum top I fell in love with! |

| some very necessary TLC— because he is sooo deprived |

| and then my mother had to send me daily updates on the pup back home, Macie |

Sorry for the poor quality of Iphone photos. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Have an even better Monday!

xx, MEB


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