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Meet Mr. Philip

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You know how everyone has those items in their house that they will pay good money for? For many its handbags, others it’s furniture or beauty products, for me…it is shoes. I have always had a love for shoes. The only issue is that I have large feet. Don’t ask why but I was always envious of the women with smaller feet because they always looked great in shoes. As a size 9.5, too small of feet has never been an issue.

So let’s talk about shoes. I just LOVE them!! They’re art for the feet. Whether its a new pair of heels or boots, I am obsessed. But I’ll have you know… I am picky and indecisive. My mother can attest to this. I’m most picky when it comes to my flats. I know, they’re the most basic so you would normally think otherwise but they’re also what I wear the most so I HAVE to be picky!! Some rub your feet and cause blisters, others are too narrow in the toe area, others have an awkward stub of a heel, or even there are the ones that make the click-clack noise when you walk. I’m not crazy, there are so many options for such simplistic shoes! But I have finally hit the jackpot. Dear readers, meet my new friend Charles Philip. His shoes are seriously amazing. They’re fashionable loafers and I wear mine all the time. I currently have the gray/white striped loafers and I have gotten multiple compliments on how cute they are— see I am not the only one who likes them! They’re incredibly comfortable, no blisters, toe-crushing, or awkwardness in any way shape or form. FINALLY! I just added another pair to my Christmas Wish List because they’re so great. Yes, they’re on the slightly expensive side but I am telling you, beyond worth it. If you’re looking to purchase, my recommendation is Bloomingdales or Saks Fifth Ave for best selection. I also recommend going up a half size, normally 9.5 and I wear a size 10 in his shoes.

Do you have any brand of shoes that you can’t live without?! If so, feel free to share!!


Have a great Thursday!!


xx, MEB


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