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| top-left: Twinkle Dress | top-right: Minka Lace Dress | bottom-left: New Cindy Puff-Sequin Dress| bottom-right: Silk Faille Strapless Dress |

In a few weeks the boyfriend & i have a work holiday party to attend. I am excited but nervous to meet the people he spends majority of his days with. For this party I have been hunting for the perfect holiday party dress. With still no dress in hand, i have had zero luck. I am looking for something with sleeves that gives a mature look but still says “i am twenty-two going on twenty-three, not thirty!” I know black is the holiday party color almost every season but I am trying to steer clear of that this year. I don’t think i can fit another black dress in my closet, there is already overcrowding in that dept. Therefore, this year I am looking for deep plum, burgundy, red, dark green and other wintery colors of that same scheme. Above are some dresses I have spotted but have yet to fall in love with yet. I really like the top-right gold lace dress. However, as a blonde I am not entirely sure gold will go with my skin tone. This may be a last minute purchase if nothing else comes along! Does anyone have any recommendations? Pretty please leave suggestions!

Have a great Tuesday!

xx, MEB


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