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Tasteful on Thursday

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Lately I’ve been reading a book about a blogger who focuses primarily on living a healthy life. This includes nutrition, exercise, and the basic need-to-know things going on in one’s life. I bought this book on Monday and I am already almost done.  In college I was never a big reader. I would pick up a book every once in awhile (definitely not school-related) and read it cover-to-cover in a short amount of time. Why is it that when I am curious or interested in a book I can read it in days but other topics it takes weeks? With my current book, Carrots ‘N” Cake, I dove right in and never looked back.

For me, nutrition and health have always been a big part of my life. From a young age I was playing every sport possible. You name it, I attempted it at one point or another. With two older brothers, I wanted to do everything that they did. They played soccer, so did i. They played lacrosse, so did i. Thank goodness they never played football. In addition, my dad is an avid runner and has been for years. He is the best shape of his life, and without a doubt, in better shape than me. Needless to say, exercise has been instilled in my mind since day one.

However, when it came to my early years of college, exercise and nutrition were put on the back burner in return for beer and late night Whataburger. They became two things that I rarely focused on. It was a difficult time for me because I wasn’t happiest with myself but I figured that this was college and it happened to the best of us. I think this was also a difficult time because I had no idea what I wanted out of life. Where do I want to go after college? Who do I want to become? What will I be happy doing? These were questions I was constantly struggling with on a day-to-day basis. Coming to Texas for college was an easy decision for me. I jumped on a plane with 11 boxes already shipped and I was off. So why are all of these big questions always looming over my head and remaining unanswered?

By now, a few of these questions have been answered seeing as I am happily living in Dallas post-college. But i still ask myself these questions. The difference between now and few years ago is that it is no longer an internal battle with myself to find the answers. I still am clueless as to what I want to do with my life long-term but this blog has actually helped to clarify things I have a strong passion for rather than a simple interest. I think life has a funny way of figuring itself out like that. You keep asking yourself these questions and praying for certain things to happen or to be guided in the right direction. But before you know it, your questions have been answered and everything is on the right track. At that point, you look back and wonder how everything fell into place.

The picture above says… “I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to become” and it’s true on all fronts. The lines are still blurry as to what my future will entail and where I will go from here but I suppose such is life. I will have to rely on the fact that if I work hard, dedicate myself, remain loyal to loved ones and just have faith then everything has the opportunity to work itself out. For now I might at well sit back and enjoy the ride while I can…

Happy Thursday!!

xx, MEB


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