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Tasteful Advice: Never Go To Waco… Unless Necessary

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And this case… it is very necessary. I haven’t seen my best friend in months and well, that is reason enough. This weekend I am off to Waco, Texas to visit my incredibly awesome and brilliant friend, the law student. I can guarantee that there will be many laughs and conversations about how much we miss college– this is just inevitable. I will be sure to take tons of pictures to share with all of you. That way you will never actually have to go to this horrid place— if you’re from Texas, you know what I am talking about.

| Here’s to you Miss Law Student, I’ve missed you |

On another note, it is a very special someone’s birthday today! Miss PMA, happy happy birthday sister!!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day! I wish I could be celebrating with you tonight! Guess we will have to make up for it next time we’re together :) miss&love you lots!

| yes, we know, we’re extremely attractive. sorry! |

| great minds think alike! |

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Check back Monday for a weekend recap!

xx, MEB


One thought on “Tasteful Advice: Never Go To Waco… Unless Necessary

  1. TODAYY! I thank you for picking the most attractive pictures of me…

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