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Welcome to Atlanta!

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I am off to Atlanta today for a business trip. After the holiday break we just had I was ready to jump at any opportunity to get out of the office! The first week back is always the hardest if you ask me. Not to mention, I love traveling to new places! I suppose Atlanta is exactly new. I went when I was younger to visit a family friend— that was a long time ago and I hardly remember it. So I vote Atlanta as a new stop in my books! I LOVE to travel. The actual act of landing and take off, not so much a fan but I’m told it’s necessary. When I’m flying I feel like I have an abundance of time to just sit and think. I can think about whatever I want; how the man sitting next to me is stealing my armrest, how incredibly blessed i am, do an overview of how things are going in my life, think about what is next to come in the future, or how cold my feet always get on planes— the options are endless! I can simply put in my headphones and zone out for a matter of hours. I’m looking forward to some “me” time to just sit and think. Isn’t crazy that I am able to have “me” time with a hundred strangers around me? A little odd I suppose. Either way, I am packed and ready to go! If you have any recommendations of restaurants or anything else I should do while I am there please let me know! I am only in Atlanta until Friday but that’s plenty of time to do a little exploring, right?!

Have a fantastic Wednesday! Try to fit in some “me” time today– wherever you may be!!

xx, MEB


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