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With all the buzz going on about her baby bump I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at the stylish life of Ms. Kate Middleton. Whether she is attending the Olympics, walking a red carpet or enduring acute morning sickness… she looks flawless. I seriously have never seen a bad picture of her. How does she do it?! I suppose if I was the Duchess of Cambridge I would dress that perfectly everyday too. Or at least that is what I am telling myself!

Her style is classy and feminine to a tee. She is never seen without make-up or a completed ensemble. Are there any looks of Kate’s that you have been eying? I personally love the neckline on the last photo shown above. The colors compliment her skin tone and hair color so well…although I’m sure she already knew that. Also, the emerald green ball gown is to.die.for. It’s seriously amazing— I always wish I had opportunities to wear a dress like that. I love everything Princess Catherine wears and she always looks like perfection! Don’t believe me? How about we all agree to disagree and say all her looks are fabulous? Ok, good.

Have a great Wednesday!

xx, MEB


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