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Did you know that emerald has been named 2013 Pantone Color of the Year?! After discovering this I seriously jumped for joy! I have always been attracted to the color emerald….on everything. Blouses, pants, jewelry, wallets… you name it and I’ve considered purchasing it (and inevitably gave into my craving!). As a blonde, emerald is one of those colors that looks good year-round. If I am pale, tan or that awkward autumn mix, it will blend perfectly with my skin tone. Oh the benefits of being blonde! Not to say emerald doesn’t look good on brunettes by any means! Of course, that is why I am so excited it is the color of the year. It looks good on just about everyone!

Not to mention, it look amazing in home decor. I always love pulling in bright greens into my color scheme for my home. Right now I have a pillow that closely resembles emerald on my bed and its one of my favorites! You can seriously use this color anywhere… closet, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen….heck go crazy and dress the dog in it! I can tell you right now, it won’t be a mistake. One can do no wrong with this color. Not only does it stand great on its own but match it with any color and it looks flawless. Go ahead and think about it. Emerald and navy? Amazing. Emerald and yellow? Amazing. Emerald and pink? A little watermelon-esque but it’ll work. Emerald and anything? You guessed it..amazing.

Let me know what you find in the upcoming year in this fabulous color. I know I will be finding any excuse to purchase more items in emerald!!

Have a happy Wednesday!

xx, MEB


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