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Currently Coveting: Red Hot Items


| 1. Mara Hoffman bikini | 2. NARS Lipstick in Jungle Red | 3. JCrew Beaded Rose Necklace | 4. Kate Spade Terry Flat | 5. Joie Pinot Top | 6. Cosa Bella Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra | 7. Kate Spade Pop Art Scarf | 8. Cosa Bella Never Say Never Cutie Lowrider Thong |

Whether you’re buying for yourself or others this holiday, you can always find an excuse to go shopping. In my case, these are some “red hot” — err, or pink— items that I have been eying lately. Some are just practical for the holiday, cue the most comfortable bra and undies known to womankind (Cosa Bella), while others just happen to be red and pink so they fall into the “holiday” category. Without question I think my favorite item on this list is the Mara Hoffman bikini. I have been lusting after one of her suits for so long. Hence the reason I managed to pick out one of the suits that had pink in it. Sorry, I had to— her bathing suits are always so cute and chic. Who wouldn’t want to dive into a pool in one of these bad boys? I certainly do!! On another note, once hopping out of the pool and switching the gears into a cute sundress, a perfect lipstick to pair it with is necessary. PS. can you tell I am ready for warm/beach weather?! Anyways, I have about three NARS lipsticks so far and I am hooked. They’re so great and they have a bunch of different types (i.e. smooth, matte, semi-matte- you get the picture) and I love them all. I highly recommend everyone purchases at least one asap. Not to mention, they’re color selection is top notch. In fact, I think it might be time i add numero four to the bunch. We shall see!

PS. i suppose these couldn’t hurt to add to the wish list either!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

xx, MEB

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Take Me With You


After getting back from my NYC getaway I realized that I am in dire need of a travel bag. Not so much a weekend bag as it would be a “put-all-my-random-crap-in” bag. I have never been one of those girls that travel lightly — thank you, mom — and I need a bag that I can carry on the plane or fit easily in the car without a hassle. Now I know this would not be hard to find. However, I have one requirement for this bag. It must.be.organized. I cannot have any more bags that become bottomless pits. Yes, they are great but I already have one that I bring to work. When I travel I need to know where everything is at all times; phone, passport/boarding pass, iPad, magazine, snacks etc. Everything needs a home, if you ask me. Otherwise, it will get lost and go into the black abyss never to be seen again (until I empty my bag once i return home). Pointless, right? Therefore, I need a bag with pockets, zippers, you name it- i need it.

One of my dear friends was recently telling me about how she scored a LO & SONS bag for Christmas. I immediately started giving her the third degree about her bag. How many pockets? Can I fit blah, blah, and blah inside? Is it heavy? What colors does it come in? If i put blah in, can I still fit blah? Is it waterproof? You get the idea. I was extremely intrigued. She continued to rant and rave about how great her bag was and all of it’s amazing compartments. I think at one point she even said “this is the best bag ever created” which I thought was pretty solidifying. Not to mention, the bag looks amazing and oh so classy. They’re price tag is a little hefty ($295) but my LO & SONS gal swears by it and promises it’s worth the price. Does anyone else have one of these bags and can attest to my friend’s review? I would love love loveeee to hear more about the bag… or any other bags for that matter!!! I seriously need help picking one out… and soon! Never know when my next impromptu weekend trip might be!

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 2.29.38 PM

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 2.49.17 PM

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 2.49.26 PM

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 2.49.33 PMall images via lo & sons (the O.G.)

Have a wonderful, organized, and stress-free Wednesday!

xx, MEB

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New Year, New Rule.


If you ask me New Years resolutions are designed for you to fail. I mean realistically, how many of you have actually kept a resolution going for longer than 3 months? Not me — that is for sure. I am just not one of those people that can stay committed to something for that long. I am a phase kind of gal. I go through phases like you wouldn’t believe. My mother can attest to this. Therefore, this year after twenty-two something years of making “resolutions” I have decided that a change (read: rule) is necessary. [Rule #1: This year I will make goals rather than resolutions.] Goals seem much more attainable. After all, I want something that can be accomplished and I will be proud to cross off my list come 2014.

I know I am little behind on posting my “resolutions” but whatever, sue me. Here are a few that I’ve been working on and wanted to share with you:

– find a hobby — I don’t know why this is so hard but it’s been on my mind for awhile. I want to find something I can become passionate about. I am currently borrowing my father’s DSLR camera to see if I want to dive back into photography.
– eat organic — whether I like to admit it or not, I am a health freak. Not so much that my life is consumed by it but being healthy and living well has always sparked an interest. I know eating organic is much better for my body so I figure, why not?
– buy classics, don’t just settle for spontaneous sale items — this is a no-brainer. Saving money and being practical about purchases could never hurt.
– teach the dog a new trick — he is turning 3 in April and I think it’s time he learn something new.
– make an educated decision about the blog— i can officially check off my first goal!! With yesterday marking the day I made a decision to get back into blogging.
– make 5 new friends — i know this may sound odd but I am finally getting settled and Dallas is starting to finally feel like home. However, I love meeting new people and think that it would be great to gain some new friends in Dallas. I’m looking forward to seeing this goal develop!
– volunteer — give back!
– cook a meal at least once a week— so far, so good. On Sunday the boyfriend and I made chili and tonight’s menu includes stuffed bell peppers!
– witness something truly amazing— i am hoping this happens before Summer 2013 but if it doesn’t, I know that come July (my big brother is getting married!) I will have witnessed something wonderful.

These are just a few of the goals I have been working on so far. I have a full page in the back of my new calendar dedicated to these bad boys and I cannot wait to start checking them off! Wish me luck! Does anyone have similar goals? Or different ones that they want to share?!

Have a wonderful day!!

xx, MEB

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The Beginning…Again



I’ve been “ignoring” my blog— it’s not really ignoring when I think about it daily— for about 1.5-2 weeks now. I wish i could say I had an excuse (does getting the flu count?) but regardless, I’ve been denying my blog the attention it deserves. Lately, I just haven’t been motivated to write but with 2013 now in full effect, I realized that it is time I make an educated decision about Tasteful {ness}. I am going to try and make a commitment of blogging 3-4 times a week. I want to be able to post every day but I just don’t think I have the time or the material right now. So here is to a brand new start in 2013. Full of good food, lots of fun, and a bunch of tasteful things in the future!! Thanks for sticking around :)


xx, MEB

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Last Minute Items


Nordstrom: Deborah Lippmann Nail Color- Happy Birthday & Supermodel

JCrew: Printed case for iPhone 4 | Printed backup battery for iPhone

Anthropologie: Split-A-Wish Jewelry HolderTwig Monogram Collector’s Charm | Tea Time Measuring Cups | Voluspa Japonica Mini Candle

If you’re anything like me then you have seriously procrastinated your holiday shopping this year. I think it has something to do with the fact that October, November and now December, have flown by. It is insane. When did it even become December? Anywhooo, shopping must be done. I have provided you with some last minute stocking stuffers that can be found at three easy locations. So go on… go do your duty. Heck, go crazy & save the economy.

If you love the Voluspa candles from Anthropologie as much as I do then you definitely need to go grab some of these babies for gifting. They’re cheap and smell beyondddd amazing! I light mine in my apartment just about every day. It’s almost an addiction. Hey, it could be worse! On another note, the measuring cups! If you have a friend/loved one who is always in the kitchen, be a good person and provide them with these lovely items. They’re adorable and not to mention, they’re practical. What more do you need?!

This year I am gifting some of the Deborah Lippmann nail polishes, as well. I may or may not have picked out the “Happy Birthday” color for myself. Oops. To be fair, it will definitely come in handy during the holiday season. Nothing goes better with sparkles than… oh I don’t know… anything in my closet!! How convenient!

As far as JCrew is concerned. Everything is phenomenal. JCrew is one of those places that if you don’t know what to get me, buy something from JCrew and it’ll be a sure fit. I love it. The iPhone cases have always been something I’ve kept my eye on. There is something about the material they use… it feels great, it’s easy to clean, and it is easy to remove — unlike the one that you need a screw driver to get off your phone. If you have a daughter, best friend, mother or even a male in your life (they have plain colors, too!) that needs a new case, I highly suggest checking these out!

Hope this helps all of you procrastinators! Happy shopping!

Have a great Monday!

xx, MEB

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A Wonderful Collaboration

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 2.57.19 PM

By now I am sure you’ve heard that Neiman Marcus and Target have teamed up to bring you affordable yet chic items in an array of different categories. Personally, I am a huge fan of their home decor collection. Target is selling everything from cups to plates to serving trays.. you name it! Not only is this stuff at awesome prices, it looks amazing too! At first when reading about the two companies becoming a duo I thought that the items wouldn’t be all that glam or well-made. I love Target but I don’t go there to get my finest things. I get the basics and the necessities. They create generally good products at manageable prices. For someone on an entry-level income (like myself!)… it is perfect. Well this time, I have been proven wrong. Take a look at the items below for yourself. I wasn’t kidding — this stuff is good.


| 1. Tracy Reese Dessert Plates – Set of 4 | 2. Altuzarra Tray | 3. Altuzarra Double Old Fashioned Glasses – Set of 4 | 4. Marc Jacobs Pouch Gold | 5. Tracy Reese Blouse | 6. Oscar de la Renta Pet Bowl | 7. Jason Wu Ornaments – Set of 3 | 8. Philip Crangi Frame |

 Have a great Thursday (it’s almost the weekend)!!
xx, MEB

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Currently Coveting


CurrentlyCoveting1. Madewell Checked Flannel Boyshirt | 2. Club Monaco Joelle Skirt | 3. ONE by Left On Houston | 4. Madewell The Sidewalk Skimmer in Calf Hair | 5. Madewell Lily Lace Dress | 6. JCrew Giant Bow Sweater | 7. Equipment Brett Rhubarb | 8. Lo & Sons O.G. Bag in Army Green |


I figure since the holiday season is upon us, everyone should be doing some shopping. After all, there is always time for more shopping! Right now is a great time also because from what I have experienced, the malls aren’t chaotic yet so you can still find a parking spot and things are not picked over quite yet. Don’t wait much longer or else you may find yourself in a predicament… and a traffic jam.

For this week’s “Currently Coveting” I decided to pick out a few things that I have seen while creating my annual online shopping lists. Im really loving the Madewell Lily Lace Dress in that bright red color. It would be paired great by itself and some chunky jewelry or causal it down with tights, booties and sweater on top. However, my favorite thing on the list right now is this Lo & Sons bag. It is perfection. The price tag is a little hefty for a simple bag so I am going to hold off for right now.Patience is a virtue? Although, I have been reading many reviews on it and it seems like the perfect travel/overnight bag.  Side note: the army green color is a lot lighter in person.

What have y’all been finding this holiday season?

Hope you have a great Tuesday!!


xx, MEB

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Currently Coveting: Food

Below are some recipes that I have been dying to try but have not yet got around to making. They all look delicious so it’s inevitable that they will eventually get cooked–all in due time!! Feel free to let me know if you try any! Click on the recipe names below the images for the links to the recipes!

|Butternut Squash Risotto with Bacon | 

| Honey Chicken Salad with Grapes and Feta |

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Currently Coveting: Sky High Heels

| 1. Kate Spade Lollipop | 2. Steven Loulu Point Toe Pumps | 3. Sam Edelman Celia | 4. Miu Miu Glitter Platform Pump | 5. Jean-Michel Cazabat Suede Elisa Pumps |

Last week I informed you all on my obsession with shoes– more like addiction. This past Thursday I went to a blogger event at Kate Spade NY in Northpark Mall here in Dallas. Bloggers Molly and Sally Miller of A Piece of Toast hosted the event and gave 20% to people that came out. It was so surreal finally getting to meet the two sisters. They’re so sweet– not to mention, gorgeous!! At the event I tried on the Kate Spade Lollipop pumps and they were beyond amazing. I had to refrain myself because I was in dire need of basic (more basic than those.. we’re talking plain and boring) for a holiday party coming up. Oh the sacrifices we must make for shoes!

How great is the heel accent on the Miu Miu Platform Pumps?! The glitter accent would spice up any outfit. However, I’m not sure they would be enough sparkle for one outfit, depending on the occasion. I must say, I think they would look great with black jeans and a basic blouse, possibly paired with a statement necklace of some sort. But that’s just my thought! The options are really endless with these bad boys. They’d be great for any occasion. They’re subtle enough to not shock and awe but also have enough sparkle to accessorize any outfit.

Lately, I’ve been seriously eying shoes with a strap similar to the #5. Elisa pump.  Something about the ankle strap really gives the shoe a great look. They would look great with jeans or a dress. A leather pleated skirt would be pretty awesome to mix and match with, as well. I think the thing I love most about shoes is how versatile they are! You can take one pair of heels and wear them with so many different outfits on a multitude of occasions. Oh how the obsession continues…

Have a wonderful Tuesday– Turkey Day in TWO DAYS! :)

xx, MEB

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Currently Coveting

| top-left: Twinkle Dress | top-right: Minka Lace Dress | bottom-left: New Cindy Puff-Sequin Dress| bottom-right: Silk Faille Strapless Dress |

In a few weeks the boyfriend & i have a work holiday party to attend. I am excited but nervous to meet the people he spends majority of his days with. For this party I have been hunting for the perfect holiday party dress. With still no dress in hand, i have had zero luck. I am looking for something with sleeves that gives a mature look but still says “i am twenty-two going on twenty-three, not thirty!” I know black is the holiday party color almost every season but I am trying to steer clear of that this year. I don’t think i can fit another black dress in my closet, there is already overcrowding in that dept. Therefore, this year I am looking for deep plum, burgundy, red, dark green and other wintery colors of that same scheme. Above are some dresses I have spotted but have yet to fall in love with yet. I really like the top-right gold lace dress. However, as a blonde I am not entirely sure gold will go with my skin tone. This may be a last minute purchase if nothing else comes along! Does anyone have any recommendations? Pretty please leave suggestions!

Have a great Tuesday!

xx, MEB