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Currently Coveting: Red Hot Items


| 1. Mara Hoffman bikini | 2. NARS Lipstick in Jungle Red | 3. JCrew Beaded Rose Necklace | 4. Kate Spade Terry Flat | 5. Joie Pinot Top | 6. Cosa Bella Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra | 7. Kate Spade Pop Art Scarf | 8. Cosa Bella Never Say Never Cutie Lowrider Thong |

Whether you’re buying for yourself or others this holiday, you can always find an excuse to go shopping. In my case, these are some “red hot” — err, or pink— items that I have been eying lately. Some are just practical for the holiday, cue the most comfortable bra and undies known to womankind (Cosa Bella), while others just happen to be red and pink so they fall into the “holiday” category. Without question I think my favorite item on this list is the Mara Hoffman bikini. I have been lusting after one of her suits for so long. Hence the reason I managed to pick out one of the suits that had pink in it. Sorry, I had to— her bathing suits are always so cute and chic. Who wouldn’t want to dive into a pool in one of these bad boys? I certainly do!! On another note, once hopping out of the pool and switching the gears into a cute sundress, a perfect lipstick to pair it with is necessary. PS. can you tell I am ready for warm/beach weather?! Anyways, I have about three NARS lipsticks so far and I am hooked. They’re so great and they have a bunch of different types (i.e. smooth, matte, semi-matte- you get the picture) and I love them all. I highly recommend everyone purchases at least one asap. Not to mention, they’re color selection is top notch. In fact, I think it might be time i add numero four to the bunch. We shall see!

PS. i suppose these couldn’t hurt to add to the wish list either!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

xx, MEB


Happy (belated) Halloween!

| Pictures via Foodgawker |

I know Halloween was yesterday but in lieu of everything going on in the U.S., I decided to take a break. Today we will return to normal blogging.

This was probably one of my favorite holidays (aside from Christmas, of course). Pumpkins! Pumpkins! More Pumpkins! Now that I live in a big-girl-apartment my cooking has upgraded. Due to this recent upgrade, I have been wanting to experiment more in the kitchen. More specifically, with pumpkins! In weeks to come I think you’ll find that with the fall season finally arriving in Dallas I have found more reasons to bake with pumpkins/pumpkin flavoring. On another tasty note, Halloween gives me an excuse to buy candy for trick-or-treaters that will inevitably not come to my door. This always ends well for me because I have an abundance of candy left over…that happens to be all my favorite kinds. How convenient! On a side note: what did everyone dress up as last night? Please share your costume ideas!
Have a great Thursday!

xx, MEB