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Currently Coveting: Red Hot Items


| 1. Mara Hoffman bikini | 2. NARS Lipstick in Jungle Red | 3. JCrew Beaded Rose Necklace | 4. Kate Spade Terry Flat | 5. Joie Pinot Top | 6. Cosa Bella Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra | 7. Kate Spade Pop Art Scarf | 8. Cosa Bella Never Say Never Cutie Lowrider Thong |

Whether you’re buying for yourself or others this holiday, you can always find an excuse to go shopping. In my case, these are some “red hot” — err, or pink— items that I have been eying lately. Some are just practical for the holiday, cue the most comfortable bra and undies known to womankind (Cosa Bella), while others just happen to be red and pink so they fall into the “holiday” category. Without question I think my favorite item on this list is the Mara Hoffman bikini. I have been lusting after one of her suits for so long. Hence the reason I managed to pick out one of the suits that had pink in it. Sorry, I had to— her bathing suits are always so cute and chic. Who wouldn’t want to dive into a pool in one of these bad boys? I certainly do!! On another note, once hopping out of the pool and switching the gears into a cute sundress, a perfect lipstick to pair it with is necessary. PS. can you tell I am ready for warm/beach weather?! Anyways, I have about three NARS lipsticks so far and I am hooked. They’re so great and they have a bunch of different types (i.e. smooth, matte, semi-matte- you get the picture) and I love them all. I highly recommend everyone purchases at least one asap. Not to mention, they’re color selection is top notch. In fact, I think it might be time i add numero four to the bunch. We shall see!

PS. i suppose these couldn’t hurt to add to the wish list either!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

xx, MEB

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Last Minute Items


Nordstrom: Deborah Lippmann Nail Color- Happy Birthday & Supermodel

JCrew: Printed case for iPhone 4 | Printed backup battery for iPhone

Anthropologie: Split-A-Wish Jewelry HolderTwig Monogram Collector’s Charm | Tea Time Measuring Cups | Voluspa Japonica Mini Candle

If you’re anything like me then you have seriously procrastinated your holiday shopping this year. I think it has something to do with the fact that October, November and now December, have flown by. It is insane. When did it even become December? Anywhooo, shopping must be done. I have provided you with some last minute stocking stuffers that can be found at three easy locations. So go on… go do your duty. Heck, go crazy & save the economy.

If you love the Voluspa candles from Anthropologie as much as I do then you definitely need to go grab some of these babies for gifting. They’re cheap and smell beyondddd amazing! I light mine in my apartment just about every day. It’s almost an addiction. Hey, it could be worse! On another note, the measuring cups! If you have a friend/loved one who is always in the kitchen, be a good person and provide them with these lovely items. They’re adorable and not to mention, they’re practical. What more do you need?!

This year I am gifting some of the Deborah Lippmann nail polishes, as well. I may or may not have picked out the “Happy Birthday” color for myself. Oops. To be fair, it will definitely come in handy during the holiday season. Nothing goes better with sparkles than… oh I don’t know… anything in my closet!! How convenient!

As far as JCrew is concerned. Everything is phenomenal. JCrew is one of those places that if you don’t know what to get me, buy something from JCrew and it’ll be a sure fit. I love it. The iPhone cases have always been something I’ve kept my eye on. There is something about the material they use… it feels great, it’s easy to clean, and it is easy to remove — unlike the one that you need a screw driver to get off your phone. If you have a daughter, best friend, mother or even a male in your life (they have plain colors, too!) that needs a new case, I highly suggest checking these out!

Hope this helps all of you procrastinators! Happy shopping!

Have a great Monday!

xx, MEB

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Currently Coveting


CurrentlyCoveting1. Madewell Checked Flannel Boyshirt | 2. Club Monaco Joelle Skirt | 3. ONE by Left On Houston | 4. Madewell The Sidewalk Skimmer in Calf Hair | 5. Madewell Lily Lace Dress | 6. JCrew Giant Bow Sweater | 7. Equipment Brett Rhubarb | 8. Lo & Sons O.G. Bag in Army Green |


I figure since the holiday season is upon us, everyone should be doing some shopping. After all, there is always time for more shopping! Right now is a great time also because from what I have experienced, the malls aren’t chaotic yet so you can still find a parking spot and things are not picked over quite yet. Don’t wait much longer or else you may find yourself in a predicament… and a traffic jam.

For this week’s “Currently Coveting” I decided to pick out a few things that I have seen while creating my annual online shopping lists. Im really loving the Madewell Lily Lace Dress in that bright red color. It would be paired great by itself and some chunky jewelry or causal it down with tights, booties and sweater on top. However, my favorite thing on the list right now is this Lo & Sons bag. It is perfection. The price tag is a little hefty for a simple bag so I am going to hold off for right now.Patience is a virtue? Although, I have been reading many reviews on it and it seems like the perfect travel/overnight bag.  Side note: the army green color is a lot lighter in person.

What have y’all been finding this holiday season?

Hope you have a great Tuesday!!


xx, MEB

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A Tasteful Holiday Gift Guide: For The Tasteful Ladies

| Williams-Sonoma Cooking from the Farmers’ Market Cookbook- $34.95 | Z Gallerie Votive Cups – Set of 12- $19.95| J. Crew Printed Makeup Pouch- $25.00 | Kate Spade Holiday Mini Nail Polish Set- $28.00 | Pinch Provisions Minimergency® Kit for Her- $13.00 | Anthropologie Monogrammed Mug- $8.00 | Ork Posters! City Neighborhood Poster- $22.00 | Diptyque Feu de Bois / Wood Fire Candle- (mini) $28.00 |

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it is time for the holiday shopping! Did anyone make it out on Black Friday?? I prefer to stay in the comfort of my home on Black Friday with Ipad in hand to do some holiday shopping. For the most part, I’ve found the online sales are just as good– and I can stay in comfy clothes while at home! I’ve never been out shopping on that awful Friday and I don’t intend on that changing anytime soon! Must be like the saying “like mother, like daughter” because I believe my mom has only made that trip once in her life and she swears she will never do it again.

I decided with all the sales going on and all the great gifts I have been seeing it would be crazy not to share them with all of you! This year I’ve been all about the classy and practical. All of these gifts (for her) listed above are under $50 which I think is definitely a reasonable price for the ladies in your life. Whether that be a hostess, friends, mother or anyone else– these will for sure be a hit! Happy shopping!!

PS. the minimergency kit for her is amazing! Great stocking stuffer! I have one and it is in my purse at all times. It literally has anything for your last minute fixes or emergency go-to’s!

Have a great Monday!

xx, MEB

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Currently Coveting: Blogs

Now I know what you’re thinking, what is the point of talking about another blog on my blog? Although I may be new to the “blogging world”, I am an old friend of the “blog world”. My morning routine consists of a few things, one being that I must read my favorite blogs. I have about eight or nine that I read religiously and absolutely love. Am I the only one who thinks they’re real-life friends with the authors of the blogs they read? Happens all the time.

For awhile I have read Luella & June and Gal Meets Glam. They remain two of my favorites. Bradley of Luella & June is actually a friend of a friend (although I’m not entirely sure she knows it) and lives in Dallas. Her fashion-based blog is very chic and always has fantastic giveaways! Julia of Gal Meets Glam lives in San Fran with her (freshly married) husband and they’re adorable. Julia’s style&beauty-based blog is amazing. Her posts include pictures of her daily outfits which are always so effortless and classy- my kind of gal.

Within the past six months I have added quite a few blogs to my list:

Cupcakes and Cashmere– if you want to see some who is rocking all trades of the business, check out this blog. Emily is a balancing act. She has written books, created blogs, you name it and she has probably done it. Its amazing to see the possibility of a blog. She started in 2008 and it has continually grown ever since. Her posts range from home decor to sales to style pictures to holiday decor! Its incredibly versatile and would be a good read for many people.

Things That Sparkle– Alex Kaehler (formally Berlin) is a Chicago-native who has a passion for interior design. So much so that she decided a few years back to open her own interior design business (Alexandra Kaehler Design). She posts about not only home decor and design but also about fashion. Best of both worlds if you ask me. Not to mention, she is recently married and her wedding photos (and venue) are to die for!!! Oh… AND she has a yellow lab— i know, i am biased. Anyways, Alex is extremely talented and I seriously can’t help but love all of her work.

A Piece of Toast– Molly + Sally + A Piece of Toast = without a doubt the cutest sisters (and blog) ever. The Dallas girls teamed up and created a blog a few years ago and have been a hit ever since. They write about real life things that we are all really thinking about. Yes, fashion and style but also the daily questions we ask ourselves. They bring clarity with a touch of sass and humor. It’s perfect.

Elements of Style– when first reading Erin’s blog i was immediately attracted to her style of writing. She doesn’t beat around the bush which i can relate to just a little :). This might have something to do with the fact that she lives in the Northeast– again, I am biased. Lately, her blog has focused a lot on her recent move with her husband. Their house is beautiful and she has been posting about the renovations along the way. Her talent for putting all the pieces in a room together is insane. I can’t wait to see all the finished products together. I know it will be wonderful!

Sequins and Stripes– I was introduced to Liz of Sequins and Stripes by Alex of TTS (above) when they decided to open an office together. She is involved personal styling and overall style management, whether that be consulting or tip&tricks. Liz is one of those girls you really think you would love if you ever met. She is so sweet (errrr…or looks like she would be sweet!!) and can usually be found in something from J.Crew (always a good choice in my opinion).

Damsel In Dior– Last but certainly not least is my new favorite. Jacey is a serious fashion icon in my books. Not kidding, she has Catt Sadler from E! News in a lot of her photos. Apparently their best friends which makes me want to become friends with Jacey somehow too. But anyways, her style is fantastic and she utilizes the best accessories! She posts her wardrobe photos every day which I always love to admire!

I hope you are able to check out a few of the blogs I read. I get some of my inspiration from reading the blogs above so if you enjoy my blog, please check out their blogs, as well!! Don’t forget about me though :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

xx, MEB

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Currently Coveting: Winter Wear

1. Allude Crew Neck Chevron Sweater | 2. Excursion Quilted Vest in Herringbone | 3. ONE by Left On Houston Century Sweater | 4. Stadium-Cloth Boulevard Trench in Smoky Coral | 5. SUNO Fisherman Sweater | 6. Free People Hot Tottie Sweater |

I think it is safe to say that this winter I have had my eye on things in the neutral and pink color scheme. I understand the need for black in winter but personally, I’ve never been a “black” girl. Instead I am more of “brown” girl. Does that make sense? I’ve always gravitated towards brown and neutrals more than I have towards black. Now black jeans— that’s a whole different situation. My black jeans and boots are in constant rotation. This past weekend in Dallas the weather FINALLY decided to cool down and I got to bring out my winter wear. It was beyond amazing! I love.love.loveeee winter clothing. Coming from Boston I think it’s just in my blood. I am meant to wear sweaters, jackets and boots. I know, why the heck do I live in Texas then? Aside from my small misplacement, Texas has great winters. They don’t get too cold where you immediately want to relocate come December but every once in a while you get a snowfall and it’s wonderful. A few years ago it snowed feet, yes FEET in Ft. Worth and I was the happiest person.

Anyways, on to the clothes. The Allude sweater I spotted (& fell in love with) in The Shak by Stanley Korshak a few months back and I cannot stop thinking about it. The price was jacked up $100+ in the store so if you really want to buy it, go online. Side note: I have fallen in love with this JCrew tench coat. It is definitely more of  “want” item than a “need” item but it’s beautiful regardless. As far as the JCrew vest, I am not entirely sure what they were thinking when preparing this model but she looks like a gray blob. Usually, JCrew never fails me but I must say they weren’t thinking correctly that day. You can’t see it in the image but online she is wearing grey pants in addition to the grey shirt and grey/black/white vest. Craziness. A better pair with this vest would be a white tee or turtleneck and colored jeans. My mother decided to mix and match with her hot pink corduroys and she looked adorable. And if you know my mother, she tends to always look cute…with her bright colors, of course. Last but certainly not least, my favorite item: SUNO Fisherman Sweater. It is amazing. I want to buy it just so i can crawl up by a fireplace and read a good book. It looks so incredibly comfortable. If you click on the link you’ll see that it has neon accents within the design which i think adds a great touch of color and “spice” -JG- to a basic (yet, still amazing) sweater AND it has pockets. Pockets are the best. Where do you find your favorite winter items? Any Dallas boutiques I am missing out on?!

Sorry that was a lot to read! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

xx, MEB