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M is for Monday




Hello lovahs. I.am.back!! I sincerely apologize for my “crappiness” lately. That whole balance of |work life|social life|love life| is a little unstable at the moment. Work seems to be taking over and that is just not okay. I have always had a strong work ethic — thank you, parents — but at one point or another I think we can all appreciate the voice in our head that says “just stop working. stop it all. right now.” I think after this week I will have hit that point. This will be coming at a wonderful time because not only is the equally loved and hated day of romance this week but momma is coming to town this weekend!! Lots to look forward to. ALSO, I have a few dinners this week (which we all know makes the week go by that much faster!)– one with the fabulous and my best bloggie friend Little Miss Wade!


Cheers to Monday and my (long-awaited, I’m sure) return!

xx, MEB

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December Already?


How is it already December? I feel like last week I was asking how it was November. This time has flownby!! I wish it actually felt like December in Texas though. It is going to be up to 80 degrees today!! As much as I love the warm weather, I am ready for sweater weather. Today I am getting back into the swing of things after be out of town. Ill be back tomorrow with regular posting!

Have a wonderful Monday!

xx, MEB